Post-Secondary Application Support Program (UAS)

Put your best foot forward when applying to colleges and universities. TEMS Post-Secondary Application Support Program helps you manage your applications from choosing your programs and institutions to drafting the perfect supplementary materials!


We assess your program and school choices in alignment with your goals and formulate a full application strategy package.


We help you navigate the post-secondary application systems and draft your supplementary tasks for each application.

Editing & Submission

A senior tutor will help you edit and polish your supplementary tasks and submit your applications.
Your writing reflects your thinking, so to an admissions officer, the admission essay is a critical part of the post-secondary application process. No matter the question, the way you answer shows how well you can express yourself in writing, and gives the admissions officer a better understanding of your qualities as a potential student at their institution.

The best applications come from students who dedicate time and effort to their admissions essays, through thoughtful editing and revision, to convey their unique ideas in well-polished answers. 

Each school deserves and requires a unique essay, and applicants will be judged on how well they tailor their responses to their specific schools of choice. This is your time to be authentic in your application, and show your genuine desire to become a student at their post-secondary institution.   

I am an international student who has been studying with TEMS for 3 years. When it was time to apply to universities, I turned to the instructors at TEMS to help me organize my application process and revise my application responses. I applied to fifteen universities across Canada and one school in the U.S. The instructor helped me organize the information I needed to supply for each specific school. I felt confident when applying to the universities, not confused like most of my classmates. Finally, TEMS provided a support system throughout my application process. They revised each draft of each essay, and they pointed out the weaknesses in my responses so that I could improve them. Overall, I know that choosing TEMS to guide me through my application process was a good decision. I was accepted to 13 out of the 15 schools I applied to, and now I am studying in the school and program that is right for me.

R. Lee
University of Waterloo Business Student