TEMS Tutoring

TEMS offers live online tutoring to support students in elementary and secondary school courses. Our experienced and qualified tutors get to know the strengths and improvement areas of their students in order to tailor lessons to help students meet their goals. 
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What to Expect from a TEMS Tutor? 

  • Free Initial Consultation
  • Homework help and extension materials
  • Private lessons on a Secure Online Platform
  • Reports after each class


  • Math
  • Science
  • English / ESL
  • Social Sciences
  • Computer Science

Pricing and Schedule:

  • Current Rate: $45/hr 
  • Number of hours a week will depend on student needs.
  • TEMS requires only 2 hours notice of class cancellation to avoid late fees.

Meet some of our tutors!

Sr. Math, Biology, and General Sciences
Esther began with TEMS in 2014 and since then has worked as an Assistant Manager in the summer camp, an academic advisor for the Guardian Program, and as a math and science tutor and instructor. 
Esther has received her BSc from the University of Waterloo and is working on her certification in Biotechnology. 
Advanced Functions, Calculus and Vectors, Accounting, Physics, Chemistry
Lauren has an Undergraduate degree at University of Waterloo in math and physics. She also took some biology and chemistry courses before doing a Master’s degree applying mathematics to medicine and biology. 
Lauren likes to talk with her students about what type of sessions they would find most helpful but tends to find the best way to learn these subjects is through practice.
Math, Science
Kat is our Academic Management Period (AMP) teacher for our Guardian Program, and is also an energetic and empathetic tutor. She is in her final year at University of Waterloo and hopes to extend her learning at Teacher's College soon. 
Julianne holds a BA from the University of Guelph and is currently completing her BEd with Wilfrid Laurier University with hopes of being a full-time teacher. Having taught English in Korea and Japan, she has great experience working with English Language Learners.
English, ESL, French, Science
Zainab is currently an undergraduate Health Sciences student at the University of Waterloo. She loves learning languages, and is currently practising my 6th language. She has experience as both a tutor and student, so is aware of the methods that work. Zainab believes she can tailor the information to what the students needs, and as they progress through learning goals, they can learn together and have fun!
Being a mentor for students and providing them with the stepping stones to achieve success both inside and outside the classroom is what I strive for. Supporting students to grow and progress is what makes this experience so rewarding!
Math and Sciences
Michael graduated from McMaster University in 2017 with an Honours BSc in Life Sciences. He has a myriad of experiences in education and healthcare settings and is continuing to develop his skills in these disciplines. 
Michael has been with TEMS since 2017 as an Academic Advisor and has since transitioned to tutoring while pursuing higher education.
English, ESL
Daniela earned a BA is Psychology and English Language and Literature from Western University. She spent many years working as a writer editor where she honed her English language skills. However, she also has years of experience teaching and tutoring students and enjoys helping them develop their writing, reading, speaking, and critical analysis skills. She’s worked with both ESL and native English speakers.
Mathematics, Sciences
Peter's passion for math and science inspired him to enter the Computer Engineering program at University of Waterloo; however, mid-way through the program, Peter realized programming was not for him and switched to Honours Science. Peter believes that making mistakes is a good way to learn, and he looks forward to helping his students learn from their mistakes as well.
English, ESL
Upon graduating from York University, Jeremy spent two and a half years teaching English in South Korea and Taiwan. When he returned to Canada, he started his own ESL tutoring academy in Toronto which he ran successfully for 10 years. Now back in Kitchener-Waterloo where he grew up, Jeremy is excited to be teaching at TEMS Academy.
Emma B
Emma is a graduate of WLU with a degree in Communications and a Minor in English. Aside from her academic background, she also has coaching experience in synchronized swimming and a passion for teaching new skills to students. She is excited to be tutoring English this year!