October 2021 Guardian Newsletter

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October's Theme is Gratitude

Every month, TEMS focuses on a theme of a well-being skill for students to practice in order to be the happiest, strongest version of themselves. In October, our well-being theme was Gratitude.

When times get difficult and we have to face challenges, it is easy to think that life is hard and unfair. However, practicing gratitude and thinking about all the things we like about our lives can help us to remember that our lives are good and we have things to be happy about. Also, remembering what we are grateful for can have longer-lasting impacts on our mindset. You know how if you start thinking about yellow cars, suddenly,  you will notice yellow cars everywhere you go? Practicing gratitude is kind of like that. The more you focus on the things you are grateful for, the more you will notice these things in your life!

To practice gratitude every day, TEMS Guardian students named 3 things they were grateful for each day and how they show their gratitude for those things. Hopefully we remember that when times are tough, we can focus on what we are grateful for to turn things around.

Stem Cell Awareness Volunteer Day

By Hyeonji J.
Did you know that each one of us has a specific label for our stem cells? It is just like the barcodes of the fruits in the supermarket! TEMS students had the opportunity to learn this fun fact on October 1, 2021. We achieved very valuable information about stem cell donation. To be honest, when I first heard about the donation of stem cells, my impression of it was 'It must be difficult and strenuous.' After the stem cell activity, I figured out that this is not true. Stem cell donation is incredibly easy. First, you would have to fill out a Health Questionnaire. Then, you swab the inside of your cheeks with a Q-tip. Lastly, the swabs are packed up and sent to the lab to find out if your cells are a match to a patient in need. This 15 minute process is all you need to do to become a potential stem cell donor. You might be worrying, "What if I get picked?" The donor who successfully donated his stem cells to a patient said he also thought the same way at first. However, he said that the sacrifice he made was minuscule compared to what others were going through, and that was how he readily agreed to the donation. Through the activity, TEMS students got to be aware of the stem cell donation and the importance of registering for it. I was also deeply motivated, and I am planning to take part in blood donation later on. 

Trail Clean-up Volunteer Day

To match with our theme of gratitude, on October 8, TEMS students spent their PD day volunteering to clean up garbage on a walking trail to show our gratitude to the environment. 

Although it was a little bit rainy, TEMS Guardian students came prepared! Everyone got a garbage bag and some gloves, and walked through the walking trail, picking up any litter they saw. 

Some students were surprised to see the amount of garbage that some people will just dump in the woods. 

By the end of the day, we had filled four trash bags full of garbage! 

It was nice to spend some time outside with our friends and taking care of the environment around us. 

We are grateful for friends and the earth.

Pumpkin Day

In Canada, October 31st is celebrated as Halloween. This year, Halloween was on a Sunday, so on the Friday before (October 29) TEMS students celebrated Halloween together with an event called Pumpkin Day! On Pumpkin Day, student volunteers decorated the TEMS building with spooky decorations and put on some fun Halloween music. When other students started to arrive, we split into teams and started the pumpkin carving contest!

Every team got a pumpkin, a carving kit, and a scoop so they could carve the coolest pumpkin. After carving the pumpkins, we ate pizza and chicken wings together and at the end of the evening, students voted on pictures of the carved pumpkins and the top 3 winners each got a prize! Happy Halloween!

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