March 2022 Guardian Newsletter

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March Theme

The TEMS Theme for March was Reflecting for the Future. This month, students were encouraged to reflect on their past habits and present actions and decide if these were in line with their future goals. 

Some students reflected on their study habits, some reflected on their social habits, and others reflected on their lifestyle habits. We all have future goals for what we want to achieve. As high school students, most of us want to go to college or university in Canada. We had to think about if we are acting in a way that will help us reach those goals, and if not, how can we change ourselves so we can be successful. 

To help us remember our goals, we had a presentation from some former TEMS students at the University of Toronto. Frank and Yesol spoke to us about what it is like to be first year university students at the University of Toronto. They answered our questions and gave us some tips about how to change our habits so we can prepare for our futures.

Know More Volunteering

Our volunteer event this month was hosted by Health Canada. Health Canada representatives held a workshop called "Know More" where we learned about and discussed the dangers and effects of drug use and addiction. It was an informative workshop and the hosts answered our questions well. Students were able to reflect on the impact that drug use has on people and how it can affect someone's future.

March Break

March Break was from March 14-18. March Break is a time when students can catch up on their school work and also take a rest from the busy semester. This March Break, TEMS offered some day trips for TEMS students during their time off from school. TEMS students were able to visit the University of Waterloo, the University of Toronto, Yorkdale Mall, and St. Jacob's Farmer's Market.
For new students, this was a great chance to see more of Canada and learn about Canadian universities. For others, it was a great chance to explore popular Canadian universities and imagine what it would be like to be a student there. 

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