The Benefits of Learning Life Skills

Jeremy Vernelli, B.F.A.

Learning life skills in high school is essential for students to become successful adults in their careers.

Life skills are the daily abilities that a student will need to learn as they mature into an adult and meet the everyday challenges of working a job, paying bills, and fostering relationships both at work and in their personal lives.

Watch the video or continue reading below to learn more about the benefits of learning life skills, beyond academics, while still in high school. 
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Prepared to Meet Challenges

When students learn how to make a schedule to do their homework or assignments, they become better at preparing how to handle any challenges they will encounter in university and in their career. There will be setbacks in life but it is important for students to learn to become resilient. One needs to look at a problem not as a failure but as a challenge. How can they do better on the next test or assignment?

Decision Making

Strong decision making is a skill which can be developed in high school with teachers helping students plan and manage their time to prepare for tests and assignments. Students gain confidence when they can make the right decision. The decisions they make in high school such as developing good studying, eating, and sleeping habits will help them as they enter university.

Communication Skills

Effective communication is essential in everyday life when we talk to our friends, family, teachers, and classmates. Healthy communication skills teaches students how to express their thoughts, feelings and opinions in a positive way. It is important for students to feel safe and confident when expressing themselves. This is why in-person learning is so valuable. Students studying in a classroom with their peers learn how their words and actions affect other people. Teenagers need to learn how to voice their opinions in a healthy way when they disagree with someone.

To restate, learning life skills and becoming independent in high school are critical for teenagers to help give them the building blocks to achieve success in university and in the working world. Therefore, it is important that teachers provide students with many opportunities to practice these life skills so they can face any future challenges with courage and confidence.