June 2021 Guardian Newsletter

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TEMS Social Groups

By Seongjun K.
These days many students are having difficulty filling their volunteer hours because of the Covid situation. It is hard for people to gather and do any activities to get volunteer hours. However, TEMS students made their own social groups called Slack groups. They are doing their activities once a week which are run online. There are baking groups, movie groups, soccer groups, game groups and programming groups making a total of 5 groups.

Each group has a leader and they lead the whole plan during their activity as well. Each of them bake, watch movies and talk about, play soccer together, play a game called “League Of Legend”, or make computer programs. Almost 20 students have joined this group so far and are getting volunteer hours doing their own activities. Personally, I am leading one of the Slack groups called “Laughing Out Loud.” We play a game called “League of Legend” also called “LOL” mostly once a week and I decided to make our group name as “laughing out loud” which is also “LOL”. We enjoyed playing games together. It is more fun and it is also good that we can communicate during this pandemic.

People were not able to see each other anymore as much as they did. This Slack group made us communicate more often and have fun with each other which is definitely a plus. Moreover, It was a good chance to gain volunteer hours, especially for this time period. Except for the soccer club and students doing activities together in residence, the weekly activities are always running online so that students do not have to worry about the need for social distance at all.

Graduation Party

By Dohyun P.
Everyone had been at TEMS for the longest time and finally graduated after a long journey. Thanks to our persistence and effort, we were able to graduate successfully and enter good universities. To celebrate our graduation, TEMS held a party. At the party, we talked to each other for the last time and ate delicious food cooked by TEMS staff. We also had fun playing poker and relaxed to relieve our tiredness from studying. There was a special guest at the party: the guest was Sara. She was a principal at TEMS, but had been away for a year after having a baby. We were happy to see her because we had missed her. She greeted and congratulated us on our graduation. Finally, we finished up the party by taking pictures with the teachers at TEMS. It was a happy day for everyone and a really good way to say goodbye to each other.

International Student Awards

By TEMS Management
This year, 5 international students across all 5 high schools in the Waterloo Catholic District School Board were nominated by their teachers and representatives from the International Education department to receive the International Student Scholarship. This scholarship is presented to grade 12 international students who have shown leadership, consistent academic performance, and initiative within their school community. 

Canada TEMS Academy is proud to announce that 3 of these 5 nominees are TEMS students: Yesol, Yuji, and Hongjun. We are extremely proud of these students and their accomplishments both at TEMS and at their schools, and of the future accomplishments that they will undoubtedly have. 

Congratulations Yesol, Yuji, and Hongjun!

Covid-19 First Vaccinations

By TEMS Management
The Covid-19 Vaccination roll-out is starting to pick up in Waterloo region. Everyone aged 12 and older are eligible to receive their first doses now, and second doses are coming soon. 
In June, all TEMS students in Canada who received parental permission were able to register and receive their first vaccination. All of these appointments were successful with no strong side effects. Second vaccination appointments will be made for September once students return from their summer holidays. 

Although students may have their first vaccinations, we hope that all students will continue to follow the Covid-19 safety policies in their areas in order to keep everyone healthy and safe.

Have a Safe & Happy Summer

By TEMS Management
As our students begin to travel back to Korea to visit with friends and family for the summer holidays, the TEMS staff would like to express how proud we are of all of our TEMS students for their hard work and resilience they demonstrated during this year. The Covid-19 pandemic presented many challenges to our students and their learning, but our students never gave up and worked to keep their spirits up.
We hope you will have a safe and relaxing vacation with your loved ones, and that you will return to us safe and healthy in the fall!

Thanks for reading!