How to Survive as an International Student in Ontario

Jeremy Vernelli, B.F.A.

As a high school English teacher in Canada who teaches international students, I know there are many questions parents face before sending their child overseas to study. A question parents always ask before sending their child off to school overseas is; will my child be okay on their own in a foreign country? Watch the video or continue reading below to find out what students need in order to prepare to study abroad. 

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International students needs help with: 

  • Opening a Canadian bank account     
  • Getting a Canadian cell phone provider 
  • Setting up how to pay their monthly phone bills         
  • Dealing with shipping problems when packages are sent overseas
  • Setting up school classes each semester
  • Finding a place to live
  • Feeling comfortable with their new home
  • Feeling comfortable with their new school and teachers 
  • Help with their homework and assignments
  • Making friends
  • Feeling comfort when they are sad and homesick 
  • Getting advice on what courses to take in high school and the grades needed to be accepted into their chosen university programs
  • Applying to universities programs (submission requirements vary depending on programs) 

Students need Experts

A paper guardian doesn’t have time to do all this with one student let alone hundreds of international students. Your child needs the help of experts who know how to solve all of the above problems and everyday issues. No one wants their child struggling among a sea of lost and unmotivated international students.

International students get homesick especially during their first 6 months when they move to a new country. This is very common while they adjust to a new culture, new language, and new school. Your child needs experts who can help navigate them through this time of transition.  With after school programs and homework clubs at TEMS which focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing, students will improve their English while surrounded by peers who share the same goals and are eager to make friends. These friendships form a bond which helps make students become happier and enjoy going to school because they have friends. 

Balancing Studying and Free Time

Students find that by balancing their studying and free time they are more productive with their school work. One of the best ways to spend their free time is joining a sports team, a club, going to the gym or volunteering after school. The physical aspect of exercising or chatting with peers gives students a break from school work. They can enjoy making new friendships before returning to their studies.

Building a Support System

A support system of expert educators with years of experience guiding students through the transition of studying in Canada all the way through to graduation from high school is crucial to the success of each international student. Give your child the support they need everyday at school with one on one attention. A paper guardian can’t do this because they are in charge of hundreds of students.

TEMS Experts

At TEMS we are here to help your child reach their highest potential. With over 20 years experience nurturing international students, we feel we are experts when it comes to helping international students achieve long term success. We have helped hundreds of international students adjust to life here in Waterloo with our TEMS academy programs and experts. Your child needs experts in Canada to help them complete their homework, feel loved, to be happy and help them make the right decisions for their future.