February 2021 Guardian Newsletter

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Back to School

By Frank K.
Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the Government of Ontario announced a provincial lockdown after the Christmas break. As a consequence of the administrative order, school shifted online for about two months and recently, the Ministry of Education decided to resume face-to-face learning once again. Returning to school was different for everyone. Some students might have felt stressed that they have to wake up early, while other students felt happy to learn actively. Furthermore, most students found some difficulty due to confusing schedules and disorganized life patterns. Here are two tips that will lead you to success in the 3rd quadmester: 

First, check your schedule regularly. The cohort system and confusing schedules caused everyone, including teachers, to miss their classes or meetings. However, it is important not to miss your classes or meetings in order to be successful with your academics. So, always always check your schedule that TEMS provided regularly. 

Secondly, get enough sleep. Online learning caused students to stay up late. Since we returned to school, it is essential to get enough sleep to focus on your F2F classes. 

This epidemic can be confusing to everyone and a hard time for some people. However, students should remember that they are not alone, and TEMS is always here to help or support them.

Family Day

By Justin K. & Jimin H.
Jimin: Family Day is a national holiday around the world, and Family Day is also one of my favourite days. There are many family days in Korea, including Chuseok, New Year's Day, Children's Day, Parents' Day, and so on. 

First, I will tell you what Family Day is in Canada and what families can do together. In Canada, Family Day is an established holiday that occurs on the third Monday of February. On Family Day, what we can do easily is eat dinner with family, play board games, enjoy sledding or weather outside, and watch movies with family. Also, this is an opportunity to get one step closer to our families. 

Second, I will tell you what I did in Canada on February 15th, Family Day. I came to Canada to study with my twin brother, and I could go to the restaurant, spend time in a museum, or outside on Family Day, but unfortunately, COVID-19 got so bad in Canada that I couldn't go out and go to a restaurant. For the sake of health, I had a fun conversation with my mother, father, younger sister and grandmother in Korea. Also, since I live in the same house as my brother, we ordered delivery food and watched a movie while talking.

 Finally, I'll tell you the merits of Family Day. I think Family Day is really important and a good day because it is a family day where we can hang out and enjoy our hobbies. If there are any family problems or bad relationships, we can get closer to each other while doing activities or hobbies together on Family Day. Also, families are precious and unforgettable beings with the same blood and genes, so if we enjoy time together on Family Day, we will make unforgettable memories. In conclusion, Family Day is an opportunity for us to make good, unforgettable memories and improve our relationship with our families Since there are many family days left in my future, I will enjoy Family Days and make good memories with my family.

Justin: This family day is the saddest Family Day because we can’t meet family and are alone. But, we have some solutions.

First, we can Facetime family because we are living in Canada but our families live in South Korea so we can’t stay with family today.

Second, we can stay with our friends because I live in the TEMS Residence. In the residence, we have a pod and pod members are living together so we can stay together and can play soccer or games.

I really miss my family but now we have best friends. Our pod members are KD, Tony, Ryan and me. We are happy living together and if we have some problems, we can help each other. I think this is like a family because we can help together and live together. I really like Family Day.

Valentines Day

By Lily S.
Valentine’s Day always falls on February 14. At the end of the 5th century, Pope Gelasius declared February 14 St.Valentine’s Day. Since then, February 14 has been a day of celebration.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday when lovers express their affection with greetings and gifts. It is also called St. Valentine’s Day. The holiday has expanded to express affection between relatives and friends. By the end of the 15th century, the word “Valentine” was being used to describe a lover in poems and songs of the day, and in the 18th century, a book called The Young Man’s Valentine Writer was published in England.

By the mid-19th century, mass-produced paper Valentine’s Cards were being created and Valentine’s Day as we know it was born.  

My small group teacher, Janet, always makes sugar cookies in the shape of a heart for Valentine’s Day for her family. They are soft and chewy with icing on top.

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