April 2022 Guardian Newsletter

In this edition:

Integrity Month

The TEMS Theme for April was Integrity. Integrity can mean different things to different people. Our students compared the word integrity to words like courage, bravery, and honesty. We learned that integrity means doing the right thing instead of the easy thing, even if no one is watching. Integrity means living in line with your personal values and morals. 

On April 1, TEMS Guardian students participated in a workshop to learn more about integrity and about people who have integrity. Each pair or small group studied a different person who showed integrity in their lives, such as Malala Yousafzai, Oprah Winfrey, and Vladimyr Zelenski, Each group then chose a quote by their person to create a poster and hang them up around our school so that we could remember to always show integrity in our lives too. 

Easter Celebration

Easter is a Christian holiday which celebrates Jesus coming back from the dead after being crucified; however, not only Christians enjoy the fun events of this holiday. At TEMS, we participated in an Easter Egg Hunt. Plastic Easter eggs filled with chocolates and candies were hidden around the school and the yard. Our classes ended early so that we could all search for the eggs. It was lots of fun!

Event Planning Committee

This year was the first year that TEMS had an organized Event Planning Committee. Students volunteered to join this committee and work together to help plan events for TEMS students, such as Pumpkin Day, the Christmas party, and now Appreciation Day! Appreciation Day is our biggest event of the year and is happening in May, so our Event Planning Committee has been busy every week planning and preparing for the event. 

As members of the Event Planning Committee, students have the chance to gain leadership experience, collaboration skills, organization skills, and planning skills, which are all important skills to have in college and university. Being a member of the Event Planning Committee is also a great extracurricular experience to describe in supplementary application materials.

Thanks for reading!