University Transfer Program

Your Pathway to Canada’s Best Schools. TEMS UTP is a two year, guaranteed pathway into top Canadian universities with selected undergraduate programs in Computing Science, Mathematics, Business, Economics, Social Sciences, and other General Sciences. TEMS UTP prepares students to attend a leading postsecondary school that will get them noticed in their future career. The program consists of three subprograms: IEB-UTP, UTP1 and UTP2.

Intensive English Booster for UTP at TEMS Academy is designed to prepare you for entry to UTP1. The course is designed around level-appropriate ESL skills in reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, and presentations skills. Students will also learn the Ontario grading and feedback system and how to prepare for assignments and tests to receive the best mark possible.  After successfully completing this program you will progress to UTP 1. IEB-UTP is available for any recent High School student or graduate who doesn’t meet the UTP 1 requirement.

On-Going Intake
  • Below 70% average in academic record

  • Unsatisfactory grades on TEMS Assessment Test

  • Must take at least one month before UTP1 (based on evaluation)


UTP 1 is a non-credit academic program designed to help you to obtain successful grades in the following UTP 2 stage. It provides the foundation for Ontario grade 12 English and Mathematics classes. Since it is critical for you to obtain a minimum of 75% in UTP2 courses, your experience in UTP1 will build your knowledge of the subjects and Ontario expectations, giving you the best start to a successful program. UTP 1 is available as 4 month program (Regular schedule starting in May) or 2 month program (Intensive schedule starting in July)

  • Average of at least 70% or above in academic record from at least 3 years of secondary education

  • Satisfactory grades on TEMS Assessment Test

  • Program placement will be decided based on evaluation

May 1, 2017
July 2, 2017
Course Structure

Critical Reading Writing (CRW) - University English

An intensive University English program consisting of academic preparation in reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar and presentation skills. Students will acquire the fundamental skills needed for successful completion of the English credit course through:

  • writing purpose and structure

  • reading strategy and depth

  • lexicon

  • variety of systemic competencies


The course is designed to teach students the basis of critical thinking in all areas of learning so that they use this skill productively in the UTP 2.

Canadian Academic Skills (CAS)- Canadian Curriculum

CAS is designed into 4 units of study covering all aspects of a grade 12 English course (ENG4U). Students will use their prior knowledge from previous UTP courses to complete units of study essential to passing the UTP 2 ENG4U, focusing on:

  • novel studies

  • short stories

  • poetry and plays

  • Independent Study Unit

Canadian Math for University (CMU)

A 4 month program designed to prepare students for success in Ontario curriculum math courses. Students will cover essential terms and concepts while previewing UTP2 as well as some university course content. This course acts as the foundation for students to achieve high grades in MCV4U and MHF4U, two required courses for acceptance to many university programs.


UTP2 is a Canadian secondary academic credit program in which students complete six Ontario curriculum credit courses that will be used in their University applications. These courses are chosen to meet University entrance requirements and give students the chance of increasing their GPA. Each course is taught at the Ontario Grade 12 University Track level.

Sept. 1, 2017
  • An average of 80% or above academic record from 3 years of secondary education

  • Outstanding grades in TEMS Assessment Test in English and Math

To be accepted to university, students will need to have at least six Grade 12 U/M credits.

1st Term

Advanced Functions - MHF4U

Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course - OLC4O*

2 Optional courses (based on pre-requisites and post-secondary goals)

2nd Term

English University - ENG4U

Calculus and Vectors - MCV4U

1 - 2 Optional courses (based on pre-requisites and post-secondary goals)

*necessary for graduating with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma if the student has not previously completed the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test

Course Structure