TEMS Online High School

Begin your Ontario high school journey from your home country with our asynchronous online credit courses. Book an appointment with one of our guidance counsellors for a credit counselling session in order to determine which courses may be right for you. 
 Asynchronous courses are flexible and can be completed on your schedule
 Core curriculum and ESL courses available
 Online credit course support (TCSP) is included
 Credits are recognized at all North American colleges and universities

TEMS Credit Support Program (TCSP)

The TEMS Credit Support Program is designed to help you be as successful as possible in your credit courses by adding a traditional twist to an online learning experience. The TEMS Credit Support Program is an included online service with any TEMS Online Ontario High School credit course.
 A community of peers taking same or similar credit courses as you
 An education professional to help guide you through your credit courses
 Development of effective study skills and strategies
 Deadline tracking and management