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Canada TEMS Academy (TEMS) stands for Total Education Management Service, and was established in the hope of making quality education comprehensible to all students. By taking a student-centred approach, maintaining smaller class sizes, and incorporating tutorial methods into curriculum based lessons, TEMS provides the constructivist learning environment that encourages passion for education and life-long knowledge.

Through our camp, guardian, and high school programs, we have grown as an international school, welcoming students from Canada, Korea, China, and Vietnam.


As a private school, TEMS believes in an inclusive, cooperative atmosphere that promotes emotional education and personal growth as well as beyond standard academic achievement. It is our goal to teach to how students learn naturally, working with their learning skills and helping them to hone those skills.  Students live in a diverse world, and the importance of providing differentiated instruction that is inclusive in nature and recognizes the diversity of learning is a key aspect to instruction at TEMS.


TEMS Established


Ontario Inspected Private High School


UTP Program


Welcomed Students from China


Welcomed Students from Vietnam

2008 Jan

1st Winter Camp

2008 July

1st Summer Camp

2008 Sept.

Guardian Program Begins




MOU with Conestoga College


Accredited by the Government of Korea as a Recognized High School

2015 March

MOU with Bakmun M.S

2015 Nov

MOU with Daegun H.S.

2017 March

MOU with Ernst Schule Internationale H.S.

TEMS Code of Conduct

Canada TEMS Academy is a school that believes in education based upon the guiding principles of respect, responsibility, and cooperation. 




-Respect must be shown as well as received, and everyone within the school community as well as the larger community has the right to be respected


-Inappropriate language or actions that in any way cause another person to feel disrespected, unsafe, or mistreated are detrimental to an cooperative community, and disrupt learning; therefore, they are not allowed at TEMS



-All members of the school community will be expected to show responsibility for their actions and duties, especially when it effects the wellbeing of another person.

-Illegal substances or weapons of any kind are not allowed on school property, and it is the responsibility of the school community to ensure a safe environment



-Violence in any form is not acceptable. This includes physical, mental, verbal, and emotional, as well as the threat of violence. Conflicts will be resolved using non-violent means that take into account the dignity of each person, and objective fairness.

For the full Code of Conduct, please see the Main Office.