1. What does TEMS stand for?

Total Education Management Service.  We make it our priority to manage your education needs.

2. Where is TEMS located?

We are located at 33 Bridgeport Rd. E, in Waterloo. There is parking in the back of the building, or you can use the free parking lots on the corners of Regina and Bridgeport.

3. Do you give credits towards the OSSD?

Yes, we offer secondary credit courses that can be put towards the OSSD.

4. Are your teachers qualified?

Yes, our teachers are some of the most qualified in the region. The majority of our teachers have Bachelors of Education, or Masters in their subject levels, and all have experience with private tutoring.

5. How can I volunteer for Summer Camp?

Visit the Camps page to download the Volunteer Application form. Fill out the form and send it to us by email, or visit us in person.

6. Are the Summer Camp and Winter Schooling for local students too?

The Summer Camp is primarily for international students, however we will accept local students who are newcomers to Waterloo and need extra English practice. Please call for specific details and pricing (Korean and Mandarin translation available).

The Winter Schooling program is not open to local students.

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