Who are we?

Canada TEMS Academy is a private high school and tutoring centre located in Waterloo, Ontario. We specialize in helping our students to set and achieve their goals throughout their high school careers in order to gain acceptances to Canadian colleges and universities. We aim to help our students plan for their future through not only academic supports, but extracurricular and social programming as well. At Canada TEMS Academy, we are a family and we help each other grow. 

What our students say:

All the tutors that I have had at TEMS were super nice and sweet. When you're under pressure, we don't really want to ask something, but TEMS tutors were really nice and kind to us which made me feel like I'm learning from my own parents. 
Frank K.
Accepted to University of Toronto, 2021
TEMS definitely helped me throughout the years because I was able to rely on the tutors and we had academic mentors. I think that mentally helped me and it was good to have those support systems because I think I was able to focus solely on schoolwork.
Yuji M.
Accepted to University of Toronto, 2021
For Waterloo, there's many universities nearby so you can indirectly experience university life. And some university libraries are often open for students to come in and study.
Andy Y.
Accepted to University of Waterloo, 2021

Before coming to Resurrection and TEMS I didn’t even know Waterloo existed in Canada. I thought about Toronto or Vancouver but I knew there were a lot of international students there...I decided to come to Waterloo because I thought I could have more native friends and boost my English skills. I actually made Canadian friends even before starting the school year!
Yerim m.
Accepted to University of Ottawa, 2021
The most important skill that I developed as a TEMS student was my independence. Since TEMS provides you with some academic and living supports, you feel like they have your back so you feel more confident to be independent. I think that's an important thing when you’re first coming to a new country where you don’t know anyone.
Accepted to University of Toronto, 2021
I think I learned professionalism at TEMS. I learned how to do time management skills...like when you have a presentation you have to plan and manage your skills and manage your time to be done before the due date. All of those things I learned from TEMS and from the teachers.
Hobin M.
Accepted to University of Toronto, 2021
I think I was lazy before I came to TEMS. TEMS teachers taught me to change my bad habits. I think I finally improved my time management.
Dohyun P.
Accepted to Conestoga College, 2021