TEMS stands for Total Education Management Service, and was established in the hope of making quality education comprehensible to all students.  By taking a student-centred approach and incorporating tutorial methods into curriculum based lessons, TEMS encourages passion for education and life-long knowledge.

Director's Message

Welcome to CanadaTEMS Academy, the private school that is dedicated to making high quality education comprehensible to every student. At TEMS our focus is to manage the education of our students through innovative and inclusive teaching methods that take in to consideration student learning styles, current life situations, and future goals. We find success in our students’ achievements and work hard to make sure every TEMS student is able to reach their academic goals.

In a growing, exciting region like Waterloo, we are lucky to be able to offer smaller class sizes and individualized attention during class: necessities of a successful education that goes beyond learning to understanding. Too often students are left behind in classes or made to feel as if they cannot achieve beyond the standard. At TEMS we believe that every student is capable of being at the top of the class, and we give them the chance to be there. TEMS Academy is more than a credit school; we are a total education management service, and we are excited to help you achieve excellence.